BZW-886C Computerized coaxial cable stripping machine
    • BZW-886C  Computerized coaxial cable stripping machine
    • BZW-886C  Computerized coaxial cable stripping machine
Product Details

BZW-886C  Computerized coaxial cable stripping machine


Product features

      1.Mainly used for  processing  multi-layer stripping of  largesize communication cables;

2.Touch screen interface, stripping depth/speed/distance and rotating time can be digital input;

3.Using the most advanced rotary cutter frame, improve the processing accuracy and speed;

4.Adopted with specific axis positioning device and rotary cutting tool, stropping 9 layers at most, it can processing different size of wires without changing cutters;

5.Wire clamping device: automatic centralizing, motor driving and clamping force is controlled by program.

Technical parameter

Applied wirelarge size coaxial cable  and automotive cable  
PowerAC220V/110V 50/60HZ  
Stripping lengthø0.1mm-ø200mm
Stripping length setting unit 0.01mm 
Cutting wire diameterø3.0-ø25mm 
Cutting depth setting unit0.01mm
Stripping methodrotary cutter
Stripping layerMax.9 layers 
Cutter materialsImport tungsten steel (Kenna or Fuji)
Drive modeDC servo motor /TBI ball screw
Working environment-5 - 45 degree ,dry ,table without vibration


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