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Auxiliary equipments
BZW-DL-1200Cable feeding system for big cable
1、Material of the cable tray: wooden or plastic 2、Cable tray outer diameter range(Φ):800-1200mm. 3、Cable tray inner diameter:80mm(other size can be special ordered) 4、Bearing weight range:0-2000㎏ 5、Feeding speed: adjustable
BZW-F Wire feeding device
1.Wire range: 0.2mm2-4mm2(AWG11#- AWG25#) 2.Max. speed: 6m/s 3.Max. accelerated speed: 34m/s2 4.Max. coil height : 1000mm 5.Max. coil diameter: 650mm
BZW-GF Wire tray for PV wire
1.Diameter of wire tray: 600mm 2.Conveying speed: adjustable 3.Motor :0.55KW 4.Dimension :700*700*700 mm 5.Weight: 75KG
BZW-H Heating box
Voltage : 220V 50HZ Temperature range: 1-100°C Dimension : 500 x 500 x 600 mm Weight : 10kg
BZW-P  Wire tray
Dimension : 400 x 400 x 400 mm Weight : 6kg
BZW-PM Wire marking device
1.With Color screen membrane keyboard, it is easy to operate. 2.Connecting the marking machine with automatic wire stripping machine can complete the processes of printing , cutting and stripping. 3.The printing content can be freely edited , and print it continuously in a non-contact way, in addition, different inks available for customer’s option. 4.Quick dry ink, excellent adherence and suitable for various material. 5.Optimized print head, easy installation, and high quality printing on irregular objects.

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