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Elevator Industry
BZW-1.0 Full automatic single end terminal crimping machine
1.Wire range: 0.3-2.5mm2(AWG13-AWG23) (Other size can be special ordered) 2.Cutting length: 35mm~6500mm (Other size can be special ordered) 3.Cutting precision: ±(0.2%*L+1)mm 4.Stripping length: 0.1-10mm (Other size can be special ordered) 5.Feeding speed: Max.6.0 m/s 6.Imported pneumatic parts; 7.Automatic wire feeding device ensures the cutting precision.
BZW-882D Computerized cutting and stripping machine
1. Wire range: 0.1-6mm2 (AWG9#-AWG27# )(Other size can be special ordered) 2. Applied wire: PVC、PE、Teflon、Silicon and other plastic wires. 3. Cutting length: 5-99999mm 4. Cutting precision: ±(0.2%*L+1)mm 5. Stripping length: 0.1-30mm (Other size can be special ordered) 6. Middle stripping: 1-13
BZW-1.0 Full automatic single end terminal crimping machine
Product features: 1.PLC control with touching screen, the stripping length, cutting depth, the terminal front and rear position for crimping, the terminal left and right position for crimping are digital setting. One end is for crimping, the other end is for stripping (full stripping or semi stripping) 2.It uses imported high precision servo motor and THK high precision slides. 3.The crimping machine is controlled by high precision Italian BGM frequency converting motor, which is lower working noise, longer servicing time, and stable tensile force. 4.It uses imported pneumatic components 5.It is equipped with automatic pre-feeding device to ensure the precision of the linear materials
BZW-882DH Computerized wire stripper (round jacket model)
Product features The device is controlled by computer and operated by pressing the button. The stripping speed is fast. Within the cutting range, the parameters of the length of wire, wire head, wire end and stripping could be set. It has the functions of auto quantified, bundle quantity, time postponed, middle part stripping and etc. which are stable in performance and convenient in operation.
BZW-2T-C Mute terminal crimping machine
Product features: 1.The machine is controlled by advanced frequency converter, variable frequency motor, and equipped with imported high precision approaching switch and reducer, which are accurate in operating and pre-feeding, high in efficiency. 2.The machine is designed in environmental protecting Model, which is low noise, power saving, wider adjusting range for the width, higher precision for adjustment, saving the crimping adjusting time. 3.The crimping height could be directly adjusted on the operating panel.
BZW-2T-C  Mute terminal crimping machine
1.Crimping force: 20KN 2.Rated power: 0.75KW 3.Average power: 0.45KW 4.Power: 220V/50Hz 5.Dimension: 270 x 260x 640mm

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