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BZW-07+Q Pneumatic mute copper belt crimping machine
1.Cable diameter: 1.0-5.5 mm (larger size can be specially ordered) 2.Cutting depth: 0.01mm 3.Stripping length: 0.1-60mm 4.Cutting length: 70-9999mm 5.Stripping mode: rotary tool + stripping tool 6.Stripping layer: 9 layers
BZW-F2.0  Portable pneumatic wire stripping machine
1.Applied wire diameter : AWG14-32#(0.03-2.08mm²) 2.Wire type : thin wires such as PVC, solid core wire, single stranded wire, rubber wire, computer core wire, and telephone wire, etc.. 3.Stripping length: 1-20mm 4.Diameter precision : 0.01mm 5.Processing time about: 0.3pcs/s
BZW-DL-1200Cable feeding system for big cable
1、Material of the cable tray: wooden or plastic 2、Cable tray outer diameter range(Φ):800-1200mm. 3、Cable tray inner diameter:80mm(other size can be special ordered) 4、Bearing weight range:0-2000㎏ 5、Feeding speed: adjustable
BZW-6QJ  Portable automatic terminal cross-section analyzer
It is portable and easy to operating, low in cost, full automatically cutting the testing terminal with micro adjusting and high speed grinding. Optional electrolytic corrosion mould clamper fixer. Protecting cover to increase its safety. High quality picture and optical instrument. It has the protecting device for optical device which is easy for transportation. It is equipped with super light LED with low heat. High precision correcting ruler.
BZW-950 Full automatic high-speed CNC cutter
1.The machine uses the imported servo motor to control the wire cutting, stripping, to ensure the precision of the cutting length. It is equipped with testing device which can alarm the condition, such as over tight for the electric wire, low pressure, jam of the cylinder, abnormal for the motor, and also have the function of unanimous counting displaying. When it detects the abnormal condition, the machine will automatic shut down and display the cause on the screen, which is fast and convenient to solve the fault and reduce the halting time. 2.the adjustment operation is simple and time is short with less waste wires
BZW-100+R Tube cutting machine
1.Applicable tube diameter: Φ1-Φ100mm 2.Applicable tube type : heat-shrink tube, ribbon cable, shielding wire, etc; It can add hot-melt cutter to process the color ribbon belt and nylon braid. 3.Cutting length :2mm-10000mm 4.Cutting width: 1-100mm 5.Cutting tolerance : 0.02×L ±0.2 mm 4.High precision, low consumption rate, and conforms to ergonomic design

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