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Solar Engery Industry
BZW-3.0+GF Automatic PV wire linked terminal crimping machine
Product feature: 1.It is equipped with PLC touching screen, the stripping length, cutting depth, crimping position are digital setting, the terminal crimping of double ends are finished by one time. 2.It uses the Panasonic high precision servo motor, THK high precision sliding rail. 3.The crimping machine is controlled by Italy high precision frequency converter, which is low in working noise, longer service time, stable tensile strength. 4.All the pneumatic components are the CHELIC from TaiWan
BZW-82 semi-automatic plastic nut fastening machine for phtovoltaic wire connector
Product features 1. The main parts of this machine are all imported, the action of nut fastening is fast and accurate, operation is simple, the performance is stable, which also could save the labor force. 2. It is equiped with servo motor, which could set the torque force and running more faster.The setting of the torque force could be operated via the menu of the touching screen or the required position distance could be adjusted directly by adjusting the nut. 3. The nuts on the negative and positive of the connector are fastened at the same time.
BZW-83    Connector tightening machine
Product features 1. The design of this machine is new conception, it mainly processes the photovoltaic wire by cutting, stripping and terminal cirmping, the action is precise and performance is stable, which could save labor force. 2. It is equiped with synchronous belt for wire feeding, which avoid the surface damage of the wire, largely increase the processing quality and precision. 3. The setting of the length could be set on the menu of the touhcing screen and its operation is simple. 4. It is also equipped with automatic wire inserting function.
BZW-4T-C Mute terminal crimping machine
Product features: 1.The machine is controlled by advanced frequency converter, variable frequency motor, and equipped with imported high precision approaching switch and reducer, which are accurate in operating and pre-feeding, high in efficiency. 2.The machine is designed in environmental protecting Model, which is low noise, power saving, wider adjusting range for the width, higher precision for adjustment, saving the crimping adjusting time. 3.The crimping height could be directly adjusted on the operating panel.
BZW-420Electrical pneumatic type stripper
Product features 1.The hatchback design which is complied with humanization design 2.Double acting cylinder, no crack for the spring. 3.The combination of the oil and air. Periodically supply the oil to the cylinder to reducer the inner abrasion damage, to increase service life. 4.Exclusive sliding seat, stable go and back stroke, precise in cutting and stripping. 5.Controlled by electronic device, which is fast and easy to be operated. 6.The structure could be adjusted as per the size of the wires. 7.It is applicable for processing small diameter wire, such as: AC/DC, power line, computer cable, and electric wire, multi-cores wire.

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