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Wire winding and tying machine series
BZW-7CL Tape Wrapping Machine with New Type
1.Capacity: 2500pcs/h   2.Tape length :55-100mm 3.Tape width:25-40mm      4.Wrapping outer diameter: <10mm    5.Tape inner diameter: 38mm or 75mm 6.Air supply: 0.5-0.6Mpa 
BZW-7C  Tape wrapping machine
1.Capacity: 2500pcs/h 2.Tape length :55-100mm 3.Tape width:25-40mm 4.Wrapping outer diameter: <10mm
BZW-10 Full automatic belt tying machine
1.Application range : Electronic connecting wire, braided tube, jacket tube, motor coils, home appliances, cable, etc. 2.Tie length : 60mm/80mm/100mm/120mm/150mm 3.Capacity : 1500PCS/h ( Depending on products ) 4.Power : AC220V 50/60HZ 5.Power : 100W 6.Dimension : 1230 x 550 x 800 mm
BZW-20 Handheld wire tying machine
1.Application range : suitable for binding wire harness of airplane, train, ship, automobiles, communication equipment, home appliances and other large electromechanical equipment, etc. Also , applicable to packing and fixing of other products, such as food packing, gas & liquid transporting tube connector, et.. 2.Tie length : 100mm/120mm/150mm 3.Capacity :1500pcs / h ( Depending on the product )
BZW-60 Automatic wire winding and tying machine for long and big wire
1.PLC control system , touch screen panel and stable performance. 2.Tie length setting, wire winding, tying circles No. setting, winding speed setting , winding circles no. setting. 3.Actual output display, capacity setting and alarm for reaching the setting capacity on the screen. 4.Simple operation and adjustment, stable running and low failure rate.
BZW-70 Wire winding and tying machine
1.Tying belt length: 75-140mm 2.Tying diameter: Φ5-30mm 3.Winding outer diameter: Φ50-200mm 4.Winding distance: 100-200mm 5.Tying speed: 0.6 sec/time

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