• BZW-83    Connector tightening machine
  • BZW-83    Connector tightening machine
  • BZW-83    Connector tightening machine

BZW-83 Connector tightening machine

Product features

1. The design of this machine is new conception, it mainly processes the photovoltaic wire by cutting, stripping and terminal cirmping, the action is precise and performance is stable, which could save labor force.

2. It is equiped with synchronous belt for wire feeding, which avoid the surface damage of the wire, largely increase the processing quality and precision.

3. The setting of the length could be set on the menu of the touhcing screen and its operation is simple.

4. It is also equipped with automatic wire inserting function.

BZW-83 Connector tightening machine

Product feature:


The parts of the machine are imported, which is used to tighten the nuts on the female and male connectors. it is fast in tightening speed and simple operation with stable performance, in order to save the labor cost.


it uses the servo motor , which the torque value can be set in fast rotation, the value of the torque force can be set on the touching screen, or the position of the connector can be adjusted to be suitable for the tightening distance of the nut.


It can be used to tighten the nut of the female and male connectors on the same machine, which increasing the productivity.

Technical parameters

PowerAC 220V/50/60HZ Single phase
FunctionTightening nuts of connector to the required position.
Air pressure5-6kg (it requires the clean and dry air source)
Inspecting device The tightening distance is controlled by the distance or the torque force
Dimension 500 x 400 x 280 mm
WeightAbout 50kg

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