The processing of electric vehicles wire harness is a big difficulty in wire processing industry.
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The processing of electric vehicleswire harness is a big difficulty in wire processing industry.

There are many domestic manufacturer, whose production technology doesnt keep up with the electric vehicle wiring harness processing demand. Further more, the electric vehicle wiring is a new industry, so the supporting facility like wire harness stripping machines is not popular on the market. Bozhiwang currently aiming at the electric automobile wiring harness processingequipment market, fills the gap of production. Bozhiwang R&D team independently researches and developsvarious kinds of wire stripping and crimping equipmentfor the professional production of electric automobile wiring harness industry.

New energy wire stripping tool series of Bozhiwang as mechanical automatic equipment, the process only need a simple setup of parameters of wire harness, which can save more human force and computer control system, high precision processing provides a much higher efficiency than other processing equipment, reduces much production cost, and can be enough to meet the processing requirements of manufacturers of electric vehicles harness processing.

Introduction of latest product:

1. The new product BZW-882DH50+Z is mainly for processing wires applied in automotive industry, sensor industry, power industry, photovoltaic industry, wires of electric control cabinet and battery box, it can automatically strip the whole coil of wire according to the required length on both ends and the middle stripping without any hurt to skin and conductor; belt conveyor precisely feeds wire, thus greatly improves the efficiency;

2. This machine supports for multiple working mode, long and short wire, sheathed wire and multi stripping, a variety of wire stripping requirements can be completed on one machine;

3. The display mode: touch screen display, can be switched in both Chinese and English;

4. PLC system controls the pulse signal, thus to improve the precision of wire processing;

5. Mode of operation: it can realize functions of manual work like length measurement, stripping, cutting, multi-layer and middle stripping, easy to operate.

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