Service Agreements-Jiangsu BOZWANG Automation Equipment Co. Ltd
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Service Agreements-Jiangsu BOZWANG Automation Equipment Co. Ltd

BOZWANG offers a maintenance contract, which costs you a flat-rate sum to cover maintenance and relevant issues, to ensure that your machines receive the optimal level of care after the end of the ONE-YEAR guarantee, including

On-site installation

Regular, preventative over-the-phone service

Corrective maintenance

Routine Maintenance

BOZWANG will attend the job site to do the maintenance regularly as long as the customer bears all the relative expense including labor, travel tickets, and all spare parts, etc.. Or the customer may send his engineers or operators to accept training at the workshops of BOZWANG at his own cost.

24 Hours Emergency Response Services:

BOZWANG will provide a 24-hour emergency service in the event that the equipment cannot operate properly by means of email,phone call, video, etc.. If necessary, BOZWANG will send engineers to shoot the trouble for the customers at site at customer’s cost.

Additional Maintenance Requested by Customers:

BOZWANG shall not, unless specifically requested in writing by, and at the expense of the customer, carry out any statutory safety tests and structural or other alterations, increase new attachments, or make any parts replacements with a different design after the commencement of this Agreement;

BOZWANG shall not carry out repairs, renewals or replacements by reasons of nature disaster or force majeure.

General Provisions:

BOZWANG reserves the right to charge, on a time and materials basis, for any additional work over and above the service package.

BOZWANG reserves the right to re-price this service if the customer does not schedule and provide for subsequent delivery within 30 days of purchase.

BOZWANG's ability to deliver this service is dependent upon the customer’s full and timely cooperation with BOZWANG, as well as the accuracy and completeness of any information and data the customer provides to BOZWANG.

Activities such as, but not limited to, the following are excluded from this service:

Service deployment on machine hardware not covered by BOZWANG warranty or service maintenance contract.

Service deployment on machine hardware covered by a third-party maintenance contract.

Services that, in the opinion of BOZWANG, are required due to unauthorized attempts by Non-BOZWANG personnel to install, repair, maintain, or modify machine hardware or software, etc..

Any service not clearly specified in this document.

Site Discipline:

The site representative of BOZWANG must contact relevant personnel of the customer company in the event he reaches the site, or leaves the site during or after completion of the installation service, and shall not leave the site without authorization.

The site supervisor of BOZWANG conducts construction on the site on behalf of the customer, and shall maintain desirable and cooperative relations with the customer.

The site supervisor and construction personnel of BOZWANG shall not engage in any activities that are not relevant to the project while or on the installation site.

BOZWANG shall maintain sanitary conditions in the workshop as required by the customer, and shall not damage the property of the customer, otherwise BOZWANG shall be fully responsible for any losses caused due to violation of the aforesaid conditions.

Insurance and Safety:

BOZWANG shall buy sufficient commercial insurance(such as contractor’s all-risk insurance, and third-party insurance, etc) for the installation service undertaken by itself, and BOZWANG shall be responsible for buying personal commercial insurance(such as employee liability insurance and personal accident insurance, etc.) of a certain amount for all the employees of BOZWANG that participate in the service.

BOZWANG shall maintain all the aforesaid insurance coverage until final completion of the service.

BOZWANG’s safety representative shall submit written or oral work progress report, including the number of personnel on the site, and any positive or negative influence on environmental protection, health and safety on the construction site.

In case of accidents involving the employees appointed by BOZWANG or personnel or property of the customer, the project manager of the customer shall submit a brief accident report within 24 hours and a more detailed report within 72 hours thereafter.

In case of accident or personal injury, all work shall be suspended immediately. BOZWANG’s installation staff shall seek assistance immediately while taking care of the injured personnel.

Customer Responsibilities:

Contact one of our service specialist within 30 days of date of purchase to schedule the delivery of the service.

Ensure that all service prerequisites as identified in the service eligibility section have been met.

Unpack and place the machine in the right location where the installation service will take place.

Provide necessary technical data, materials(such as wire and terminal samples for testing) required for installation.

Determine and correct the installation inspection criteria, and conduct delivery inspection for the installation completed by BOZWANG.

Assign a designated person from the customer’s staff who, on behalf of the customer, will assist our technical specialist in facilitating the delivery of this service.

Adhere to licensing terms and conditions regarding the use of any of our service tools to facilitate the delivery of this service, if applicable.

Be responsible for all data backup and restore operations.

Provide a suitable work area for delivery of the service, including access to network connection, power supply, air compressor,etc.

Grant BOZWANG staff full and unrestricted access to all locations where the service is to be performed.

BOZWANG Statements

Without BOZWANG’s consent, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld, the customer shall not direct or permit any third party to repair, alteration, replacement or any interference with any of the equipment.

Without BOZWANG’s permission, the customer’s spare parts are not able to be transferred or resold to a third party.

For More Information:

For more information on BOZWANG service, please contact any of our worldwide sales offices.

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