• BZW-07  Mute brass belt crimping machine
  • BZW-07  Mute brass belt crimping machine

BZW-07 Mute brass belt crimping machine

1. Crimping force: 15KN
2. Capacity : 250 pcs / min
3. Average electric consumption rate : 0.35KW
4. Motor : 0.55KW
5. Voltage : AC220V , 50Hz
6. Stroke : 23mm

BZW-07 Mute brass belt crimping machine

Product features

1. Driven by frequency conversion motor with speed reducer, and speed regulated by inverter, equipped with high precision of proximity switch; With features of quick activating , mechanical feeding, and high efficiency.

2. Designed for wires required for riveting together, it replaces the traditional soldering together of wires with copper belt crimping, without cold solder and air pollution, and it is easiest and most effective way to pass safety test of UL,JIS . With humanization design, it is easy to operate.

3. With continuous copper belt terminal, it can finish the processes of cutting, shaping and crimping in one time without scraps, saving cost. Copper belt processed by special lines, and after riveting, the tension-resistant will be particularly strong, which ensures the stable quality. Equipping with vertical/curved applicator can offer crimping connection for different products.

Technical parameters

Crimping force15KN
Capacity250 pcs / min
Average electric consumption rate0.35KW
VoltageAC220V , 50Hz
Air supply0.5 Mpa-0.7 Mpa
Dimension300 x 350 x 580mm
Copper belt size2mm/4mm/6mm
Feeding modeBy mechanical feeding
ApplicationConnection between neon lamp and resistance, connection among wires, connection between slide switch and wire, and connection among thermal sensors such as magnetic reed switch and temperature fuse.

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