The general description of the multi-functions and high speed computerized stripper
 Jul 24, 2015|View:766

1.       This machine automatic strips the wires in high speed by cutting, two ends stripping, single end stripping and semi-stripping.

2.       It uses the servo motor to control the procedure of wire cutting and stripping, which is precise in cutting length.

3.       The mode change of full stripping and semi-stripping is easy and fast.

4.       It uses micro rotating method to adjust the stripping length and cutting depth.

5.       The speed could be divided into 5 level, which could be adjusted as per the actual specification of the processed wire.

6.       There is any abnormal condition occurs, the situation will be displayed on the screen, such as low air pressure, the motor is blocked. And other functions like the counting displaying, it will automatically stop whole abnormal condition occurs.

7.       The error could be solved as soon as possible to save the waste time.

8.       The adjusting technology is simple, less wire crimping, short adjusting time and it is easy to operation.

9.       It could be equipped with wire distributing machine, to composite the whole procedure of the wire distributing, cutting and stripping to increase its working efficiency.

10.   It could strip the wire for 50 times per minute for the length of 600mm, which is 4 times than the capacity of benchtop mode stripping machine. 

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