The difference between terminal machine and automatic terminal machine
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Semi-automatic terminal machine:

The operation is controlled by the foot switch, one movement is driven by the one press of the foot switch.

Automatic terminal machine:

It just needs to put the wire in the position and prepare the terminal die, and set all the related parameters on the control panel, and then it could begin to produce.


The principle of the terminal machine:

1.       (stepping principle) the motor is rotating all the time. Inside it, there is a breaker with clutch, each movement it will displays a standard “O”, which is very common.

2.       In the recent years, the quiet terminal machine is developed, its working principle is different from above type, it just gives a signal to the frequency converter, and then this signal will be delivered to the motor to complete this action.

The common terminal is the semi-terminal machine which needs the labor force, however, for the automatic mode, it doesn’t need any labor force.

The automatic terminal machine has two modes: single end and dual ends

1.       Single end: two modes, one is only for terminal crimping on one side, the other mode is one end for terminal crimping and another end for tinning.

Dual ends: mechanical mode and stepping mode. It use the mechanical principle to release the wire and crimp the terminal. The stepping working principle does need the labor force, it just needs to set the parameters on the control panel.

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