Full automatic terminal crimping machine
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General description:


The full automatic terminal stripping and crimping machine is important equipment for processing the electronic wires, which is a new mode and multi-functions machine that includes wire feeding, cutting, stripping and terminal crimping, and its design is humanization and intelligent, which is suitable for the production of large, medium or small companies to save labor cost.




High precision, fast speed, equipped with inspecting system for wire stripping, twisting, terminal crimping. The interface is digital controlled, which has the integration of work motivation for light, electricity, motor, air and magnetic, imported electronic parts, easy operation and time saving.




Chinese displayed on the screen, the processing length, cutting depth, terminal positions are all controlled by button, which is easy to operation and learn. The maintaining and consuming materials cost is low, therefore, it could effectively increase the production efficiency, reduce the labor cost, increase the benefits, to help the development of the company.




Automatic single end terminal crimping machine, automatic double ends terminal crimping machine, automatic single end twisting and tinned terminal machine, automatic double ends twisting and tinned terminal machine. Regarding the non-standard machine, we also could manufacture it as per customer’s requirements.


Detailed operation procedures:


Turn on the power switch, the power light will be on.

Check whether there is any abnormal sound, if there is, please stop the work and ask the maintainer to inspect whether it needs to be repaired.

The choose and installation of the blade: it is taken by professional worker. Before the installation, the worker should whether it is matched or not. After the installation, it has to be tested by hand twisting, first, turn off the power and press the button of adjusting button, and twist the driving wheel by special spanner to give the max. travelling distance for the punching, if the hand twister is not rotated, it considers whether it is over pressure or other causes, and finally repair it. Before the operation, the worker should check all the locking screws whether there is any loosing.

Materials feeding: after loading the terminals, it could use the hex key to adjust the materials feeding pressing plate to make the terminals easy through, and then check the progress by visual inspection. If it is not suitable, it could use the hex key to loose the screws on the materials feeder and twist the screw to adjust to the optimized level, and then tight the screws of the feeder to start the work.

Tension force test: after the debugging, uses the waste materials to do the test for the tension, for the main parameters, please kindly refer to the, the detailed operating is as following: first press the zero cleaning button and then clamp the terminal materials for test. If the testing force is not included in the standard, please ask the maintainer to readjust it to the standard value.

It first produces 10 PCS for trial production and check, if it is OK to start the batching production. During the production, the operator should check whether there is any wire encapsulated, hanged and other defects. The tension force test should be taken every hour.

After the production, put away the good product and bad quality products, and clean the surroundings of the machine.


Daily maintenance:


The punching guiding rack should be lubricated every hour from the hole on the top of the machine, it is better to add 2 – 3 drops of the oil at each time.

The worker should clean the machine everyday to remove the dust on the surface and other oil dirties.

The main speed bearing of the terminal machine should be added with the butter  every week, the detailed method is as following:

Open the rear cover of the machine- disassemble the blocking spring of the driven pulley- disassembling the belt pulley- apply the butter(evenly apply on the surface of the high speed bearing)-assemble all the parts back (remark: during the dissembling of the belt wheel, pay attention to keeping the bearing balls from loosing)


Maintenance for secondary stage:


After the usage for 3-6 months, all the parts of the machine should be checked whether there is any parts needs to be repaired or replaced, such as the elasticity of the spring, the loosening condition of the screws and the deformation of the blocking spring.




During the operation, if any abnormal conditions occurs, first turn off the power and then ask related worker to inspect and repair it.

Non professional or un appointed worker should not debug and disassemble the parts by themselves.

During the operation, if the power is on, the fingers or any other body parts are  prohibited to enter the punching range to avoid the working accident.

During the operation, if the worker needs to leave the position, he should turn off the power first.

While changing the terminals, it should turn off the power first and then do the changing working. It prohibits changing the terminals while the power is on.

During the operation, if there is any terminals remain inside the cutting die, it has to   been removed by scissor or needle first, and then continuous working.

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