Introduction of new production series in 2017
 Feb 25, 2017|View:71

In 2017 Jiangsu Bozhiwang automation equipment Co., Ltd. welcomes its new stage of company development. Great changes not only take place in the new look of workshop, bu also in the coming series of productions under the new mark – BZW.

Firstly come out the following machines, what makes the semi-automatic crimping series hugely increased.

BZW-2.5T+D+GK Automatic pressure adjusting servo crimping machine with industrial control type

Product feature

1.Adopted with advanced network control system, each device has equipped with industrial control computer. The host can control the operation of multiple devices and real time monitoring of production at the same time. Not only improve work efficiency and product quality, but also saving labor costs;

2.Assembled with servo motor, to ensure the stability and accuracy of crimping;

3.It can be installed with crimping quality monitoring system, replace inspection the crimping quality by manual, also Increased production and quality.

Technical parameters

1.Crimping force: Max.40KN

2.Rated power: Max.2.0KW




6.Stoke:30mm,40mm common use

7.Applied applicator: OTP applicator, pneumatic applicator, European applicator

New machines will continuously come into the market. This is the preheating of Bozhiwang’s 2017 development. Please focus on our official website and other promotion platforms!

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