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Defects liability period:12 Months
Degree of automation:Automatic
Transport package:Wooden Case
Country of origin:Changzhou, China
Product Detail


Product Features :

1. International appearance design, and tight and concise whole structure;
2. The flexible wire feeding system is used to ensure that the wire is not damaged while ensuring the wire length accuracy;
3. The crimping machine adopts a servo system to ensure the stability and consistency of the crimping accuracy;
4. PC operation interface, graphical display makes the operation more intuitive and simple;
5. Embedded pressure management system can monitor the product in real time, alarm and automatically remove defective products;
6. FAKRA harness, new energy ultra-short wire harness processing customization

Technical Parameters :

Cutting length 60-20000mm
Cutting precision ±(1.0mm+0.2%*L)
Stripping length 0.1-18mm
Wire range 0.22-6mm²
Feeding speed 12M/S(max)
Crimping capacity 25KN
Wire receiving 2m(Standard),4m , 8m
Noise <75dB
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Air supply 0.5-0.8Mpa
Gas consumption 6.5-10m3/h
Dimension L3800 x W1480 x H1700mm(2m wire receiver)
Weight 1500Kg
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