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Product Feature:

1.This machine can be put on the stand and also held holder, it is tighten and light which is easy to operate;
2.The tape cutter can cut most kind of tape materials;
3.The taping direction can be adjusted in properly way ensure the tension of the tape for better taping efforts;
4.The holding structure is designed as per human cosmetology that comfortable in holding;
5.Working efficient high due to its portable working condition;
6.It can adjust the tape distance and overlap condition to save the tape;
7.After the tape is cut, the cutter will automatic move and prepare for next cut.

Technical Parameters :

BZW-7DHandhold Taping Machine
Power specification1100-240V 50-60Hz
Wire OD range4-35mm
Taping speed180-400 cycles per minute
Tape specificationwidth: 10-25mm, Outer diameter less 110mm, inner diameter 38mm
Machine weight5kg
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