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Defects liability period:12 Months
Degree of automation:Automatic
Transport package:Wooden Case
Country of origin:Changzhou, China
Product Detail


Product Feature:

1.PLC control to ensure the stability of the each procedure;
2.Touching screen operation, the parameters of cutting length, cutting depth and wire tinning are all digital setting (full stripping or half stripping);
3.High precise sliding rail from Tai Wan, even tinning effect, which is suitable for long time working;
4.High precise Mitsubishi servo smotor, long service life, high precision and stable running;
5.Imported pneumatic, stable transmission and long life service;
6.The wire feeding system can be equipped.

Technical Parameters :

BZW-887 Automatic wire cutting, twisting and tinning machine
Applicable wire Pin, flat ribbon, enameled wire,twisted wire
Cutting length 40mm-650mm (longer length can be customized)
Stripping length 1-15mm
Twisting length 3-15mm
Tinning length 0.5mm-15mm
Capacity 7000-8000 pcs/h (wire length 100mm)
Air pressure 0.5Mpa
Function Wire cutting, single end stripping, double ends stripping, single end tinning, double ends tinning, single end twisting, double ends twisting, single end half stripping, double ends half stripping, English and Chinese can be switched.
Power AC 220V/50/60HZ, single phase 1300W
Dimension 1500 x 800 x 1500mm
Weight About 300KG
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