The technology instruction and operation manual of the full automatic computerized stripper
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The automatic computerized is a full automatic advanced technology and numerical equipment, which is widely applied in the industries of electronics, vehicle spare parts, electrical appliance, motor, light, tools and all kinds of wire processing.

Tool/ raw materials


1.       Straighter: it straightens and adjusts the position of wire feeding.

2.       Wire feeding hole: the wire is delivered through the hole to the feeding roller.

3.       Wire feeding roller: it is driven forwards and back by the motor, and deliver the wire for stripping by cutting tools.

4.       Guiding bush seat: it is used to fix the guiding bush, it could move up and down to adjust the centralized position between guiding bush and blade.

5.       Guiding bush: the wire is delivered through this bush to the blade, it is used to fix the wire, the distance between front end of the bush and blade is longer than the wire tail avoid the collision while stripping the wire tail in the center position of the up and down blades.

6.       Cover for cutting frame: it prevent the impurities and other dirties.

7.       Blades: it includes tow pieces which is up and down, the shorter is up and the longer one is down which composites one pair. While the installation, the blades should be vertical, the cutting edge of the two blade is a center point, there should be no gap between the two blades while they are closed.

8.       Discharging roller: it is rotated forwards and back by the motor, deliver the wire for discharging and end stripping.

9.       The gap adjusting button for feeding roller: the gap increase while rotated in left and decreased while rotated in right, it is better that the wire is clamped by the rollers without any slip.

10.   the gap adjusting button for discharging roller: the gap increase while rotated in left and decreased while rotated in right, it is better that the wire is clamped by the rollers without any slip.

11.   Lubricating oil adding holes: before the operation, the lubricating oil should be added to protect the cutting frame and reducer the working noise.

12.   LCD displaying screen: it displays the parameters of processed wire.

13.   Power button: it is used to turn on and off the machine.

14.   Button: parameters input, operation, stop, manual wire feeding, manual wire discharging.

15.   Ventilating hole: cooling the driving motor


1.       Working power: AC220±10%, 50-60Hz, if the voltage is not stable, the customer should stabilize the voltage to operate the machine normally.

2.       The working environment should be clean, no dust, no corrosion, chemical products, no disturbance of electromagnetic field. The machine should not operate in the extreme cold and hot condition, and keep good ventilating condition.

3.       It should not use the same power source with the equipments that frequently uses the heating electromagnet.

4.       Before the operation, the transmission parts(cutter frame) should be lubricated. If the temperature is too low, it should use the anti-freezing oil. The oil adding holes are on the plastic box of the cutting frame.

5.       During the operation, keep the kid or other non-operator away from the machine to avoid the accident hurt. 

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