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Product Feature:

1.New mode cable processing equipment that controlled by micro computer, especially for processing the high voltage power cable in the industry of new energy motor, power charging station, electronic control, battery and etc, which essentially solves the problem in processing the big power cable;
2.Automatic wire cutting, two ends stripping, multi-layers stripping at the one time;
3.Industrial level control chip and high precise servo driving to ensure its high speed and stable running;
4.Motion controller system, touching screen operating;
5.Belt style driving without any pressing marks;
6.The cable (within 240 mm²) can be easily processed,the strong driving force ensures the high working efficiency;
7.The machine with the function of rotary cutter, to ensure the processing of new energy sources, high voltage wire, shielded wire cutting and stripping at the same time.

Technical Parameters :

BZW-240+X Computerized cutting and stripping machine for 240 mm² cable with rotary cutter
Stripping range 10-240mm²
Cutting length 240-99999.99mm
Cutting precision ±(0.2%*L+1)mm
Stripping length wire head 1-400mm, wire end 1-280mm
Drive 8 wheels independently servo driven
Strip way Rotary blade +cutter +strip blade
Capacity 400-700 pcs/h (it depends on the length of the wire)
Voltage 220V 50/60HZ
Motor 5.5 KW
Stored programs 0-99kinds of processing data
Tool materials Imported high speed steel
Nozzle diameter Φ6-35mm
Press wheel setting Motor drive, digital control of crimping force
Stripping layer6 layer
Dimension 2000 x 1050 x 1430mm
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