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Product Feature:

1. This machine is a new type of cable processing equipment controlled by microcomputer, which is mainly aimed at the processing of new energy, photovoltaic, communication, electronic control, high-voltage power lines and multi-core sheathed cables. The introduction of this model completely solves the processing difficulties of large square wires and multi-core sheathed cables;
2.Automatic cutting and peeling of insulation at both ends, and multi-layer peeling processing at the same time;
3.Industrial control chip with high-precision servo drive makes the machine stable and high-speed operation;
4.PLC control system, touch screen operation mode;
5.Belt driven, no indentation;
6.Customized servo drive and configurable cabinet.

Technical Parameters :

Peeling diameter≤Φ14mm
Stripping range4-50mm²
Cut length0.1-99999.99mm
Length accuracy≤0.2%mm
Stripping LengthStrip 1-200mm at the end of the line and 1-100mm at the end of the line
Driving mode8-wheel independent servo drive
Yield800-1000 pcs/h (It depends on the length and size of the line)
Power Supply220V 50/60Hz
Motor power1.2KW
Storage procedureProcessing data of 0-99 kinds of cables
Blade materialImported high speed steel
Conduit diameterΦ6-14mm
Peeling layers3 layers
Weight120kg(Excluding cabinet)
Overall dimension800 x 650 x 430mm
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