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Defects liability period:12 Months
Degree of automation:Automatic
Transport package:Wooden Case
Country of origin:Changzhou, China
Product Detail


Product Feature:

1.This machine is mainly used for the processing of peeled outer core of round sheathed cable and flat sheathed cable, which can realize the functions of automatic tail cutting, outer skin peeling and inner core peeling;
2.The belt pulley wire feeding mode is adopted, with large contact area, high precision and no indentation on the surface;
3.Servo drive and subdivision method are adopted to control the length, with small error;
4.Under the control of motion controller, 100 groups of stripping programs can be saved;
5.Display mode: touch screen display interface, 10 Inch Touch screen, Chinese and English can be switched;
6.Operation mode: it can realize semi-automatic manual operation of length measurement, cutting, multi-layer peeling, intermediate peeling and automatic output recording, which is convenient to operate, thus greatly improving the efficiency;
7.This machine has powerful functions, and multiple ports are reserved for input and output devices supporting some auxiliary equipment;
8.Auxiliary wire feeder: automatic wire feeder, receiving machine, manipulator, winding machine, etc.

Technical Parameters :

BZW-50-2RSComputer cutting stripping machinewith wind device
Applicable LinetypeMulti core round sheathed wire and flat sheathed wire
Machining diameterΦ4-18mm(Other sizes can be customized)
Core wire processing1-5 inner core wires
Cut length0.1-100000mm
Length accuracy±(0.2+0.002*L)mm
Driving modeBelt feeding, eight wheel drive, independent drive
Skinning lengthStrip 0.1-200mm at the end of the line and 0.1-100mm at the end of the line
Stripping length of core wireStrip 0.1-30mm at the end of the line and 0.1-30mm at the end of the line
Stripping layer6 layers
Power SupplyAC220V/110V 50/60HZ
Motor power2.3KW
Pressure0.4-0.6 Mpa
Overall dimension950 x 720 x 1450mm
Display modetouch screen
Display interface10 Inch Touch screen, Chinese and English display
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