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Defects liability period:12 Months
Degree of automation:Automatic
Transport package:Wooden Case
Country of origin:Changzhou, China
Product Detail


Product Feature:

1.It is designed for processing the flat sheathed wire by stripping the two layers at the same time (the sheath and the core insulation);2.Computerized control, button operation, stable working performance, easy operation;
3.High speed wire stripping, wire head, wire end and total length can be set randomly within the wire cutting range;
4.The speed of wire feeding, cutting and stripping could be separately set to reach the best effect of stripping;
5.It has the function setting total quantity, bundle quantity, time postpone, middle stripping and etc;
6.Motor drive using subdivision method, with high precision and long service life;
7.100 kinds of different wire data can be stored in the system.

Technical Parameters :

BZW-882DPComputerized cutting and stripping machine for flat sheathed cable
Inner core cross section2*0.1-2*2.5mm²
Cutting precision±(0.2%*L+1)mm
Stripping lengthsheath(wire head 0.1-200mm wire end 0.1-150mm)Inner core(wire head 0.1-100mm wire end 0.1-100mm)
Tool materialsImported tungsten steel and high speed steel
Drive4 wheels driven
Feeding speed0.7m/s
Capacity1000-3000 pcs/h
Air supply0.4Mpa-0.6Mpa
Voltage220V 50/60HZ
Dimension420 x 297 x 345mm
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