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Defects liability period:12 Months
Degree of automation:Automatic
Transport package:Wooden Case
Country of origin:Changzhou, China
Product Detail


Product Introduction:

The BZW-3.0T series automatic terminal crimping machine is a customizable multifunctional model. The platform is designed with up to 6 stations to meet the complex processing technology of automotive communication wire harness and new energy wire harness.

Product Feature:

1.International appearance design, and tight and concise whole structure;
2.The flexible wire feeding system is used to ensure that the wire is not damaged while ensuring the wire length accuracy;
3.The crimping machine adopts a servo system to ensure the stability and consistency of the crimping accuracy;
4.PC operation interface, graphical display makes the operation more intuitive and simple;
5.Embedded pressure management system can monitor the product in real time, alarm and automatically remove defective products;
6.The processing of FAKRA wire harness and new energy ultra-short wire harness can be customized.

Product Function:

Wire cutting 1Wire cutting.png
Half stripping 2Half stripping.png
Stripping 3Stripping.png
Crimping 4Crimping.png
Seal inserting and crimping 5Seal inserting.png
Pre-insulated terminal crimping 6Pre-insulated terminal crimping.png
Coaxial cable processing
Tube inserting、marking and crimping
Twisting and Tinning 7Twisting and Tinning.png
Ultrasonic welding 8Ultrasonic welding.png
Housing inserting 9Housing inserting.png
Inkjet printing 10Inkjet printing.png
Doubling crimping3Doubling crimping.png
Pressure monitoring 11Pressure monitoring.png

Technical Parameters :

Cutting length 60-20000mm
Cutting precision ±(1.0mm+0.2%*L)
Stripping length 0.1-15.5mm
Wire range 0.22-6mm²
Feeding speed 12M/S(max)
Crimping force 25KN
Wire receiving 2m(Standard),4m ,8m
Noise <75dB
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz 4.0kw
Air supply 0.5-0.8Mpa
Air consumption 6.5-10m³/h
Dimension L3500 x W1200 x H1700mm(2m wire receiver)
Weight 1500Kg

Reference Capacity Chart:


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